DDP Solution for Anti-Dumping Goods

Recently, many Chinese have taken on local real estate projects in the United States and purchased various building materials in China, including doors and windows, stones, floors, etc. The flooring manufacturer introduced customers to us for logistics. We provide warehousing and transportation services, including pick-up, acceptance, counting, packaging, container loading, and export customs declaration documents. In addition, we also provide double clearance to door DDP services, with the most difficult being wooden floors and tiles, which require high anti-dumping taxes and an inspection rate of up to ten percent. However, our US partner has strong customs clearance capabilities, is familiar with various tax laws and procedures, and can clear customs with lower taxes and fees, with an inspection rate of 3-4%, saving customers costs and time.

Help businesses grow

A sole proprietorship of kitchen utensils in Foshan, whose boss is skilled in technology and production, can produce first-class kitchen utensils, which is loved and trusted by buyers. However, he does not understand foreign trade, so he found our salesperson. With years of experience in comprehensive foreign trade services, we assist customers in improving their foreign trade system step by step. From applying for import and export business rights, to customs filing, to handling general taxpayers, to receiving and settling foreign exchange, to tax refunds, to tax and financial compliance, we provide reference plans and services throughout the process. After two to three years of development, the customer currently exports 10 40'HQ goods to Southeast Asia on a stable basis every month. We are responsible for logistics, and the customer focuses on production, which is very good.

logistics solution for large Events

In 2021, a client in Guangzhou received a large purchase order for the CONGO presidential election campaign, which included all the necessary materials for the entire campaign period, such as ballot boxes, ink and paper inkstones, various promotional leaflets, flags, etc. The quantity was large, complex, and urgent. Our team worked together to integrate various transportation capabilities and resources, and shipped a total of 86x40 'HO to Dares Salaam and 20 tons by air to Kinsasha. The goods were delivered within the limited time frame, ensuring that the election campaign was held as scheduled.

DDP Service for Equipment to Rusia & Central Asia

In August 2023, Russian buyer Mr Kowalski has purchased 5 sets of large composite milling machines and processing center equipment in China, which require double clearance and tax inclusive door-to-door service (DDP) from Guangzhou to Moscow. Our company has won the trust of customers with cheap prices and professional services, and the entire process is transported by dedicated car and cleared customs smoothly. The delivery will be made to the customer's address in Moscow in just 15 days.

InnovativeLogistics Solutions foremergency cargo

In October 2022, American customer A purchased exhibition stands in China to meet their Tacoma customer's exhibition needs. The factory expects the goods to be ready in the first week of the month and requires them to be delivered to the door before the 27th of the month. It was found that there was no ship available in Tacoma during the week of early October, but the next shipment could not meet the delivery date. In order to buy time, we broke away from conventional thinking and after discussing with the customer, we decided to first ship the goods to LA by express ship, immediately unpack the containers, and then send a special car to the Tacoma customer's address. During the process, we closely communicated and cooperated with the American agent, snatched back a few days of time, and successfully solved the delivery problem for the customer.

Solution for Large Hotel Furniture

In March 2022, Foshan Le received a six-star hotel furniture project from a certain type of furniture company in the United Arab Emirates, with a total value of 7.5 million US dollars.

Large-scale second-hand machinery and equipment export logistics

With some industries such as clothing, shoes, and hats shifting from China to Southeast Asia, a considerable amount of second-hand equipment from China has also been exported. One of our clients is going to export his second-hand washing and dyeing equipment from Shanghai to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The logistics solution needs to address two main issues:

Viewing Fish at Dubai

In 2021, a customer in Guangzhou wanted to export a batch of 500kg ornamental fish to Dubai. This was a challenging task for freight forwarders in terms of air transportation capabilities and operational skills. The basic requirement was that the first priority was to ensure 100% availability of direct flight space, and no flights were allowed after booking,The second is to be able to grasp the time rhythm of each operation node, complete each step in the shortest possible time, cooperate with the airline, and ensure that the oxygen inside the packaging is sufficient to support the entire process. The company immediately organized the most experienced operators to communicate and coordinate with the airline (ultimately choosing China Southern Airlines CZ) to develop the best plan.