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shipping/transport/cargo/freight/logistics to PORT SAID from China Guangzhou Shenzhen Ningbo Shanghai Qingdao Tianjin

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Shipping/transport/cargo/freight/logistics to PORT SAID from China Guangzhou Shenzhen Ningbo Shanghai Qingdao Tianjin


We are providing shipping/transport/cargo/freight/logistics service From all China ports  to Port Said as below:



FCL ,LCL Consolidation

Door to Door, Port  to Door, Port to Port


EXW shipments; FOB shipments; DDU shipments; DDP shipments 


From from all China ports, such as:

Guangzhou (Huangpu Port, Nansha Port ), Shenzhen (Yantian port, Shekou port, Chiwan port, Dachan Bay), Ningbo, Shanghai, Xia'men, Fuzhou, Qingdao, Tianjin Xin'gang, Hong Kong; Dalian; Lianyun'gang;Yingkou; Shunde, Foshan, Nanhai, Jiangmen, Huadu, Zhuhai, Zhongshan


carriers below:
Maersk, Evergreen, CMA, ANL, Hanjin, K'Line, NYK, APL, OOCL, YangMing, MSC, Wanhai, TSL, China Shipping, MOL, ZIM, HPL, CSAV, PIL, HMM,


Transit time: about 16 days


Ever Triumph Logistics Limited is a licensed freight forwarding company in China with 13 years of international shipping and logistics experience, aiming to ease our client’s buying activities in China, so our services cover not only shipping issues, but also involve with anything to let customers feel relaxed and eased while import goods from China. We try our best to solve all your problems in China, except the products themselves.


Shipping Services include

  • Air Freight
  • Sea freight
  • Courier of DHL-UPS-TNT-FDX-EMS
  • Reefer/Frozen shipping
  • Oversized Cargo shipping ( Flat Rack/Open Top/45’HC)
  • Customs Declaration and Clearance
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • FOB/C&F/DDU/DDP service

FREE Services (at cost only):

  • l       Easy Quality Control
  • l       Container Stuffing monitoring
  • l       General Cargo Management
  • l       Translation and Interpreter
  • l       Chinese Law and Culture Consulting
  • l       Airport Reception
  • l       Hotel Reservation
  • l       Market Guide
  • l       Food problem shooting
  • l       Cargo Insurance


Our philosophy is "service creates customer values"

All our services are based on the research on customers' demands in selling/buying activities, and each service will create values for our customers. All of our colleagues' behavior and thinking are guided by this philosophy.


This philosophy is reflected by unique and distinctive ways:

  • Keep following customer's demand changes, and adjust our service flow; 
  • Foresight on invisible and contingent problems and risks; we nip it in the bud to protect the cargo safe from the beginning.
  • My Cargo Management System: enables customers to master all their order and delivery status.
  • Tailor-Made Service Flows: Considering different and special demands, we make a customized service flows together with you, to ensure the flow is from the customers and for the customers, avoiding some preconceived service.
  • Instant Information Service: you will be frequently updated with the latest status of your cargoes by receiving an Email or a mobile message from us when a job is done, keeping you aware of your goods.
  • Environment Care: We try to use emails instead of fax, try to use electric documents instead of hard copies, with less paper, less printing and less waste to get a better and greener world. 
  • Keep Improving Service: when a shipment is done, we will sum up the experience and ask you suggestions for improvement in next service.


Customer Values are:

²      Being free from shipping, enable you to concentrate on what you really care

²      Keep you updated with the latest status of all your goods

²      Keep your cargo safe

²      Getting the best logistics solution for your cargoes

²      Managing your forwarders in an expertise way


"WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU HAVE" - this is an old way you were served;


"WHAT YOU THINK IS WHAT YOU HAVE" is a new way you will be served.


Try a new experience now!


Contact : Jelly Feng
TELL:+86- 135 33172425


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